I am a student of Copenhagen Business School. Although I study abroad, I could not ignore the wave of disapproval towards accepting refugees and migrants in my home country, as well as the rest of Europe. However, I have also noticed a trend that is contradictory and much more uplifting. Many had voiced themselves to be in favour of accepting asylum seekers and seemed ready to stand up to their words. That reminded me of a campaign on social media that unfolded shortly after the Sydney Hostage Crisis. Back then a wave of solidarity and tolerance surged represented by #illridewithyou (see here). Hence the name of this project – #illwelcomeyou.

In brief, #illwelcomeyou is a platform with an aim of simply connecting refugees and migrants in need of help with those who are willing to help. The said help can range from looking up information online, showing someone around the city to helping out with finding accommodation. The idea behind the project is that if you are in a completely new environment, even the smallest act of kindness makes a difference. How it works is that a person who would like to help indicates at www.illwelcomeyou.eu in what ways he or she is willing to help, in what language etc. Then based on this information he/she is matched with a person seeking such help. As to the matching process NGOs and government agencies are to be involved.

I hope this answered some of the questions you might have had about the project.

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Information you provide may be shared with third parties such as NGOs and government agencies in order to achieve project’s purpose.

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