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To address the issue of immigration and the integration into society that does not always follow and inspired by an uplifting story of solidarity represented by #illridewithyou, I came to a very simple idea – an idea to connect those who want to help with those who may need it.

Imagine yourself in a country which name you can barely pronounce, surrounded by a culture you do not know and language you do not understand. My guess is that you could use some help getting around.
Now imagine you are in a position of somebody who can provide the help. In fact, you do not need to imagine this, you are in such position. If you wish to take part, simply sign up below.

Lets see the issue less as a problem and more as an opportunity.
It is rarely so easy to help so much.


How it works.                                          About the project.


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I would be interested in:
 just chatting
 translating from/to Czech
 finding information online
 helping with phone calls
 looking into contracts
 helping with matters of administrative nature
 showing around the local area
 offering financial help
 offering material help
 accompanying in order to send letter/register at office
 helping with shopping groceries/clothes/electronics
 meeting for lunch/cup of coffee/ice cream
 attending events together
 playing a sport/hiking/day trips
 inviting over to my place
 subletting a place to stay (if incentivized)
 subletting a place to stay (no incentive needed)

 I would like to help with this project (collaboration with NGOs in my country, managing social media etc.)

Please specify the help offered

I can speak:
 English German French Spanish Italian Portuguese Arabic Czech Other

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The following is to be anonymously published on twitter.
As I want to help #illwelcomeyou

About the project.


Information you provide may be shared with third parties such as NGOs and government agencies in order to achieve project’s purpose.